The 13 Best Flashlights Under $20 of 2021 – Top Picks + Important Details

Let’s face it, a survival kit without a high-quality flashlight will not be as useful as it ought to be. Whatever unique situation you may find yourself in, a reliable light source could be the difference between life and death.


Not everyone has an easy time finding an affordable flashlight to add to their survival kit. If you happen to be in this category, you have come to the right place. In this article, we shall help you find the best flashlight under $20 by looking at some of the budget-friendly options available in the market.

Have a read and see if what you are looking for is on the list.

Our 13 Picks of Top Flashlights Under $20 – Quick Checklist:

In this section, we have analyzed a sample of affordable yet high-quality flashlights that we consider to be the best available. Check them out and see if you can find your ideal product among them.

The 13 Best Flashlight Under 20

1. GearLight S2000 LED Flashlight

At the top of our list is a flashlight that we consider to be one of the biggest and brightest in the market. It may be quite powerful, delivering up to 1200 real lumens, but it remains a compact unit. Therefore, it should fit comfortably in your backpack or car glove compartment.

Next up is the adjustable zoom feature that enables you to focus in on distant objects up to 1000ft away. Additionally, you can also zoom out to cover a larger area.

Let’s also touch on the ultra-wide beam that can light up an entire backyard effortlessly.

Lastly, the flashlight has an all-weather body that lets the rain and snow roll off it.


  • Indestructible body
  • Compact
  • It has an adjustable zoom feature


  • Drains batteries fast

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2. Ryobi P705 Li-Ion LED Flashlight

If the battery-draining issue with the first product disappointed you, then you should find the Ryobi P705 to be quite appealing. The unit is designed to last up to 35-hours on a single P108 4AH battery, although the batteries are not included in the package.

When it comes to the light output, this unit gives out 130 lumens of light, which can light up to 100 yards away. In addition to that, the unit’s head can rotate 180-degrees to provide full coverage to the room.

Another thing we liked about this flashlight is the multiple hanging options that it offers. You could use the keyhole for hanging from nails, while there is another hole for lanyards. On top of that, the handle is designed for a snug fit on 2 x 4s.

With the above holding options, you could dedicate your hands fully committed to the task at hand.


  • Lightweight
  • Has a rotating head
  • Does not drain the battery fast


  • Cheaply constructed

3. Olight I3T EDC Flashlight

Are you looking for a solid unit that is virtually indestructible? If you are, the Olight EDC flashlight could be the answer to your problem. It has a solid aluminum body that ensures it can survive in case of accidental drops.

However, the chances of you dropping the flashlight are minimal since the double helix body knurling gives it a tight grip.

The next feature we shall look at is the TIR optic lens that helps produce a soft and balanced beam. Additionally, the on/off tail switch allows for a momentary on and quick mode shifting.

Moving around with this unit should not be a problem since it is very slim and lightweight. On top of that, the flashlight features a dual-direction pocket clip for even more ease of carrying, either by attaching it to a strap or in the pocket.


  • Lightweight and slim
  • Solid construction
  • Powered by easily available batteries


  • Flimsy clip

4. ThuZW Military Grade XML-T6 Tactical Flashlight

There are several reasons why we could consider this unit to be the best flashlight under 20 dollars. Let’s start with the five modes of brightness available, and they include High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS (emergency) modes.

Next up is the adjustable focus that may prove useful in different situations. You could either go for the spot or flood beam, depending on the situation at hand.

The other aspect worth mentioning is the construction. The aluminum alloy and rubber construction make the unit waterproof and durable so that it does not fall apart that easily.

You are sure to appreciate how compact and lightweight this flashlight is. Therefore, it can fit into your pocket or car compartment easily for ease of carrying around.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Has five different modes of brightness
  • Lightweight and compact


  • User guide missing

5. GearLight S2500 LED Flashlight

If you have an upcoming camping trip, here is a flashlight that would be a valuable addition to the accessories for the excursion. First, it has a durable and shock-proof construction plus can withstand any weather.

Then, it is extremely bright, giving out 1500 real lumens. So, it will light up the entire campsite with the ultra-wide and powerful beam that is easy to equate with daylight.

Another feature that makes this flashlight to be your perfect camping companion is the 8-hour continuous runtime. This should be enough to light up your way all through the hike.

Even better is that it is powered by easily available AA batteries, which you can purchase from any shop whenever your current ones die out.

Last but not least are the three lighting modes, which serve you in different situations that you may find yourself in.


  • All-weather and sturdy construction
  • Very bright
  • Offers 8-hours continuous runtime


  • Too bulky

6. GearLight LED Watchman Flashlight

Once again, a product from GearLight features on our list. This time, it is a unit that is ideal for use in outdoor adventures plus can make a perfect gift for your loved one due to its stylish look.

We shall start with the sturdy ABS construction coupled with the rubberized LED housingThis combination means that this unit can withstand the most extreme conditions, including natural disasters.

Next up are the three light modes that include High, Low, and SOS. This means that there is always a mode that would suit whichever situation you are presently facing.

We liked how easy it is to use this unit courtesy of the comfy handle grip that is gentle on your hands. Further, the flashlight features a trigger grip that allows for convenient one-handed operation.

All in all, this is a versatile unit that could prove useful in different situations such as fishing, hiking, and even the occasional walk with your kids or pets.


  • Well-built
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile


  • The end cap lets in water and moisture

7. WdtPro S3000 LED Flashlight

The WdtPro is another amazing flashlight that you ought to think about. First, it offers 3000 LED illumination, making it one of the brightest flashlights you may ever come across. Then, it is powered by four AA batteries, which are readily available over the counter.

Let’s also discuss the three light modes available: High, Low, and Strobe modes. It is easy to switch between the different modes, and you simply have to rotate it for it to happen.

We also liked the IP67 rating, which implies that the unit will remain safe if you encounter heavy rain or snow.

Finally, this unit comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year replacement guarantee to give you peace of mind.


  • Extremely bright
  • Multipurpose
  • Has a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Heats up fast

8. Let my XML T6 LED Flashlight

Once you see the amazing features found in the Letmy XML T6 tactical flashlight, you will realize just how much of a bargain it is. The outstanding feature is the XML T6 LED chip, which equips it with the capability to give out 2000 lumens of brightness.

As a result, it is brighter than most of the flashlights you may encounter in the market.

Secondly, it has five brightness modes, including High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS. You can select the ideal mode that is suitable for the situation you are in.

Another notable feature is the adjustable focus through which you can light up an area from up to 700 ft away. You may find this feature useful for different emergencies such as natural disasters and fire outbreaks.

Last but not least, the flashlight can be powered by either 3 AAA batteries or a 18650 rechargeable battery.


  • High-quality construction
  • Waterproof
  • Powered in two ways


  • Battery dies fast

9. Uoline Tactical LED Flashlight

Are you looking for the perfect flashlight that you may add to your survival kit? If you are, we recommend that you try out this tactical LED flashlight, and there are good reasons we do so.

First, it is built to be so sturdy that you can use it breaking through a glass window in case of an emergency. Further, it comes in an aero aluminum alloy carabiner that is ideal for various occasions such as camping, backpacking, and fishing.

Let’s also touch on the IPX6 rating, which means that the flashlight can operate in wet conditions without getting damagedWe cannot forget the XML-T6 chip that offers high lumens, making this flashlight brighter than most of the ordinary units around.

Other notable features include the five modes of brightness and the 60-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Ideal for emergencies
  • It comes with a battery holder
  • Has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee


  • The beam is a bit dim

10. Hausbell 7W LED Tactical Flashlight

The first thought that will strike you when you first lay your hands on the Hausbell Tactical flashlight is that it was built to last. The sturdy case means that it has to be struck hard for the bulb inside to get any damage.

What about the brightness settings? Well, you have three settings which will be useful depending on the situation you are in. They include a flashing strobe, a dim glow, and a bright beam.

Another impressive aspect of this unit is that it is very easy to carry around. This is probably due to its lightweight nature of about 2oz that ensures it never weighs you down.

Lastly, you can use this flashlight indoors and outdoors too.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • It has three brightness settings
  • Built to last


  • On/Off switch gets faulty after a few uses

11. Micron N9 18650 Flashlight

When we analyzed the Micron N9 flashlight, we picked out several impressive features. The first notable aspect is the super bright LED that will light up your work area with up to 650ft of beam distance and 1000 lumens.

Additionally, it has a 90-degree rotational head that ensures the light covers a larger area.

We also need to talk about the six flashing modes: Max, High, Medium, Low, SOS, and Strobe. All the modes have their usefulness in the unique events you may experience.

Also worth mentioning is the energy protection feature that ensures the flashlight is never turned on accidentally. This would have led to unnecessary battery drainage.

If you are worried about heavy rain or snow damaging your unit, the IP65 rating should calm your nerves as it assures you of ample water resistance.

Finally, the product comes with a 12-month return policy in case of any issues.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Perfect for different outdoor activities
  • Has a 90-degree rotatable head


  • It stops working after a few uses

12. Eveready EDC Tactical Flashlight

Eveready is a company that has been producing AA and AAA batteries for over a century. So, we expect that any of its products concerned with providing light is of top quality. Let’s take a look at this tactical flashlight from the company.

First, this is a very bright flashlight that can light up objects 500ft away. This would make it a very handy accessory to carry with you on your camping trip.

Then, with the three light modes, this is a unit that you can use in various activities both indoors and outdoors.

Another feature you should know about is the manual beam focus, which enables you to change the flashlight beam’s sizeAll you have to do is pull the lens either in or out to switch between a narrow spotlight to a wide flood beam, depending on what you need.

There is also the sturdy bezel head, which will come in handy for self-defense and other emergenciesLastly, the attractive look would make this unit to be the perfect gift for your loved one.


  • It has three light modes
  • Long-lasting and water-resistant
  • Versatile


  • The setting controls are a bit annoying

13. Maglite Mini Incandescent Flashlight

Made in the USA, this is a unit that has been constructed from high-quality materials to ensure that it serves you for a lifetime.

It features a water-resistant seal plus is anodized inside and out to boost its corrosion-resistanceFurther, the flashlight is compact enough to fit into your pocket or purse comfortably.

We were impressed with how useful the Maglite flashlight is in different uses such as fishing, hunting, camping, and car repairs.

The last thing we shall talk about is the spare lamp that is secured in the tail cap that converts the unit into a free-standing mode for hands-free operation.


  • Easy to use
  • Built to last
  • Convertible to a free-standing mode


  • Not very bright

Factors to Consider as You Use the Best Flashlight for the Money

As much as flashlights are useful accessories, there are certain aspects you need to keep in mind when using them to be on the safe side. We have discussed them below in brief.

I) Keep your Eyes Safe

Note that most of the items in this list use UV light, which is not the friendliest for your eyes. So, if you find a unit that uses this light, make a point of wearing shaded glasses while in extremely dark conditions. This would help in blocking off the light from your eyes.

II) Be Careful Around Kids

As we have seen in most of the budget-friendly flashlights we have checked out above, they tend to be powered by AA or AAA batteriesThe small size of these cells makes them a choking hazard, and since kids like playing with them, you cannot be careful enough.

So, ensure that you do not leave these batteries lying around your house for the sake of the kids.

III) Have a Backup Plan

Since most of these flashlights are most useful in the wild for camping trips, hiking, and climbing, there is always a chance that the batteries in use will run outSo, it would be wise to carry extra batteries to provide the necessary cover when the current ones eventually die down.

However, if you are a regular traveler, the extra batteries may turn out to be an inconvenience as they may take up too much space in your backpack.

FAQs on Top Affordable Flashlights

We also attempted to answer some commonly asked questions about flashlights as posed by customers. Here they are.

Q: What does it mean for a flashlight to be waterproof?

A: It means that it is designed so that when exposed to rain or snow, the water would simply roll off rather than be absorbed into the unitHowever, this does not mean that you should submerge it in a swimming pool.

Q: Are there rechargeable flashlights out there?

A: Yes, there are. However, the advantage of using AA or AAA powered units is that getting replacements over the counter is fairly easy.

Our Top Pick

In the end, we have settled on GearLight S2000 LED Flashlight as our best flashlight under $20. When you check its impressive balance of features, it will be easy for you to understand the logic behind our decision.

Final Thought

If you have been troubled before finding the perfect budget-friendly flashlight, we hope our article has made things easier for youBesides giving you a sample of units to choose from, we have also outlined some of the features you should look out for.

So next time you go shopping for the products, we believe you will be better placed to make the right choice.

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